Jubilaires II album 1981

December 8, 2009

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Band: The Jubilaires II
Release: Country Horizons
Year: 1981
Home: Chatham-Kent Ontario

Note: The band chose to record some of their favourite cover songs for this album. They played a lot in 1981, including shows with Charlie Pride and some radio concert series for BX.93 Country Roads.

(L-R in band photo)
Brad James – R. guitar, vocals (Highgate)
J.P. Marchand – R. guitar, harmonica, vocals (Tilbury)
Roland Lozon – L. guitar, Violin, banjo, mandolin (Pain Court)
Ray Trahan – Drums, vocals (Grande Point)
John MacTavish – Keyboards, Synthesizer, strings, vocals (Glencoe)
Floyd Bobier – Bass, vocals (St. Thomas)

01. Workin’ man blues
02. Last cheater’s waltz
03. Colour my word
04. Rocky top
05. Drivin’ my life away
06. The devil went down to Georgia
07. Blue eyes crying in the rain
08. She believes in me
09. We can’t go on (Living like this)
10. Dig a little deeper (In the well)

Engineered by: Richard Janik. Recorded and mixed in Windsor.

Notes on back cover of LP:
The Jubilaires II aren’t your “every day” country group. Their variety of musical tastes and stylings stem from years of individual experience. Two years ago, these fine musicians and singers set out on the long road to creating that “new” country sound.
Performing on numerous instruments and topping it all with dynamic vocal deliveries, these six entertainers have made the Jubilaires II favourites everywhere they appear.
Listen to their album; feel the energy and vitality of their stage performances captured in a studio environment.
Listen, and add yourself to the quickly growing number of Jubilaires fans.
Bob Bean, Vice President Joy-Bean Records.

The group is the second carnation of the Jubilaires. The original Jubilaires formed in 1956, then around 1960 the Myers brothers joined them which led to the name change “The Myers Brothers and The Jubilaires. Around 1978-79 the Myers Brothers left and the Jubilaires continued on as the Jubilaires II.

* Watch/listen to LP preview below.




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