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Bradley J. Preston 1987

November 27, 2009

Artist: Bradley J. Preston
Release: 45 RPM Single
Year: 1987
Home: Chatham Ontario
Genre: Country vocalist

1987: Bradley cut this single in Nashville but still lived in Chatham at the time. He was travelling back and forth.  The local country singer first travelled to Nashville in 1982 and will move there next year.

Side ADon’t Take My Sunshine Away (J. Foster – B. Rice)
Side BTonight Your Baby’s Coming Home (G. Sutton – B. Sherrill)

Produced by: Louis Wright



Bradley J. Preston 1986

November 27, 2009

Artist: Bradley J. Preston
Release: 45 RPM Single
Year: 1986
Home: Chatham Ontario
Genre: Country vocalist

  Bradley cut this single in Nashville but still lived in Chatham at the time. He was travelling back and forth. 
  Preston has been working hard as a singer and has been entering several contests to help gain exposure and branch out musically. He has won many of them.
  The singer has been performing for many years and most recently with the Melody Ramblers. At this stage, Bradley is just starting to work his way on to the international scene but is keeping his day job until the time is right. There is no question that his hard work ethics and level head are the reason for the many good times ahead that he will encounter.

Side 1: A Thing About Trains (Ben Hewitt)
Side 2 If I Never Do Get Over You (Sure – Fire Music)

Produced by: Louis Wright


Bradley J. Preston 1995 CD

November 26, 2009

Artist: Bradley J. Preston
CD Release: Self Titled
Year: 1995
Genre: Country Music
Home: Chatham-Kent Ontario Canada

Notes: Bradley co-wrote Tracks Five and Seven with Producer Michael Francis. The album was recorded with sessions in Toronto and Nashville. Bradley had moved to Nashville for four years but around this time he had moved back to his home in Chatham and settled. The single “As Long As It’s Raining” has charted nationally and cracked the top 50 in Europe.

01. Amen Kind Of Love
02. As Long As It’s Raining (b. Hill & C. Rawson)
03. We’ve Got Love (S. Hogin, B. Lee)
04. Lonesome 77203 (J. Tubb)
05. All The Love I Had For You (B. Preston & M. Francis)
06. I Love You I Need You Good-Bye (B. Heatherington & L. Satterfield)
07. Don’t Get In The Way (B. Preston & M. Francis)
08. The Old Man (T. Dodson & A. Laney)
09. That’s All I Know About Love (S. Hogin, D. Gillon & A. Laney)
10. Natural Reaction (B. Hill & T. Hiller)

If you would like to purchase this CD, please send cheque or money order to:
Maple City Records
P.O. Box 1678
Blenheim , Ontario

2009 Update:

   Below is an interesting tidbit Preston had mentioned in our talks of  ‘the road life’.

   Current Country star Deric Ruttan (Guitar, singer and hit song writer) played in Preston’s band in 1992 through 1994.  The Bracebridge born musician had 5 Top Ten singles, (including the hits, “When You Come Around”, “Shine”, and “Take The Wheel”), and earned him a “Best Album” nomination at the 2004 Canadian Country Music Awards. “Male Vocalist” and “Rising Star” nominations followed, as did the Grand Ol’ Opry appearances, and a high-profile national tour. In 2004 he was named “Best New Solo Country Artist” at the Canadian Radio Music Awards. Stateside though, Ruttan’s artist career was about to be eclipsed by his songwriting success.
  Deric Ruttan has also co-written hits for Dierks Bentley. Bentley’s debut “What Was I Thinkin'”, was a #1 Billboard hit. Deric has written 24 hits to date for various top artists, but earned his dues touring at an early age with the likes of the ‘Bradley J. Preston Band’.
S. Beaulieu

Watch the CD preview on You Tube below.

If video does not appear, watch it here.

All songs produced by Peter Sullivan except 1,2,4,5,7 produced by Michael Francis for DDP Productions.



Social Code ROCK ‘N’ ROLL Release

November 21, 2009

Band: Social Code
Release: ROCK ‘N’ ROLL
Date: 2009
Style: Rock
Home: Alberta
Chatham Connection: Travis Nesbitt (vocals) was born and raised in Chatham Ontario Canada.

Band Members:
Travis Nesbitt – Vocals
Logan Jacobs – Bass
Ben Shillabeer – Drums
Morgan Gies – Guitar

Official band note: During the “freezing cold of an Edmonton winter” with producer John Travis, who made a name for himself working with such heavyweights as Kid Rock, Buckcherry and Sugar Ray.  It strips away the pop punk and radio flavour-of-the-day tracks that Social Code had been known for, and delivers the red meat of the music. From the gloriously grinding and noisy first single Satisfied and the catchy as all hell Buy Buy Baby to the heavy, boogie rocker Fight For Love and the surefire heartbreak, prairie rock anthem I’m Not OK, the 10 tracks draw on influences as seminal as Springsteen, Zeppelin, The Stones, Cheap Trick and The Black Crowes while being entirely true to the band’s own sound.

The band will be playing Chatham Sunday Nov.22 2009 at Encore.

Track Listing:
Rock ‘N’ Roll
Nothing Left To Lose
Buy Buy Baby
Real Girl
Fight For Love
You Never Know What You Got Until It’s Gone
I’m Not Ok
Too Late For Tomorrow

Produced by John Travis
Mixed by Mike Fraser
Additional Production on “Satisfied” & “I’m Not Ok” by Logan Jacobs

Note: I have been lucky enough to share shows with Social Code a few times and I can tell you that they are a great bunch of guys who are appreciative of the scene.  Usually headliners get cocky and fill the stage with gear leaving opening bands with little room to do anything.  When playing with these guys, they offered to share drum kits and do whatever possible to make it easiest for all bands to get a fair shake in stage show and ease of transitions. These guys deserve your support and it is nice to see that they have maintained their Canadian courtesy & politeness despite such a jaded world they travel upon. I am not a band ass kisser by any means, these guys have worked hard and do it the right way. S. Beaulieu

Social Code Discography:
1999 – Binbox – as Fifth Season
2001 – Patiently Waiting – as Fifth Season
2004 – A Year at the Movies
2007 – Social-Code
2009 – ROCK ‘N’ ROLL

  • Social Code disbanded in 2012.

    So what ever happened to Chatham’s Travis Nesbitt? See the pic below.
    Travis Nesbitt

    Visit Social Code here.
    Listen to Social Code




Maple Shade (1977)

November 21, 2009

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Band: Maple Shade
Home: Chatham Ontario
Circa: 1977
Genre: Popular music of the time.

(Left to right)
Robbie Robertson – Vocals, keyboards
Doug Colletti – Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Tony Meriano – Vocals, Drums




Melody Ramblers 1978

November 21, 2009

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Band: Melody Ramblers
Home: Chatham Ontario
Circa: 1978
Style: Country Covers
Band History: Ran from 1953-1994 with various line ups.

(Back Row)
Bruno Pinsonault – Bass
Mark Buckwheat – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Larry St.Pierre – Drums
Dan St.Pierre – Guitar
(Front Row)
Dennis Smith

Notes: Mark Buckwheat would later join the band Home Grown.



Melody Ramblers 1988

November 21, 2009

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Band: Melody Ramblers
Home: Chatham Ontario
Year: 1988
Style: Country Music Covers
Sound man: Dan Barette

Above  Photo
(Left to Right)
Dan St.Pierre – Guitar
Eugene Beaulieu – Bass, Vocals
Wendy Jenkins – Vocal
Brad Preston – Guitar, Vocals
Larry St.Pierre – Drums
Rene Brousseau – Pedal Steel

Photo: St. Joachim, Ontario