Jani Jakovac 2001 CD

November 28, 2009

Artist: Jani Jakovac
CD Release: Jani Jakovac
Year: 2001
Home Town: Chatham Ontario
Resides: Vancouver

1. Walk Away
2. Who Will I Be Now
3. Sacrifice
4. The Score
5. I’d Rather Be

Note:  She studied drama and played varsity volleyball at the University of Guelph in Ontario. The day after graduating, she moved to Vancouver to pursue an acting career.

About the CD:
  This was a 5 song demo cd meant for record labels.  Three of the songs were my originals, one was an original a guitarist/friend of mine wrote and one was a cover song of a Dutch artist I had come to appreciate while living in Europe. I hadn’t come into my own style yet and it is far from the music I now perform.  This change of style is very apparent in the first rendition of my song “I’d Rather Be”.  I later recorded a jazzy version of this song on the “This is Her Life” cd.  My live performances at this time were few and far between and playing the piano in any live performance was not part of the mix yet.  It was a gig that I was performing with two guitarists and a hired pianist that I first discovered people might be interested in listening to me play and sing as I performed one original song that night.  That was the beginning.  What really spurred on the solo act was a stand-up bass player that was to play a one set gig with me (him playing every song and me only playing on 2) cancelled on me 5 days before the gig.  I quickly had to learn a set’s worth of songs and perform on my own.

Visit Jani online here.


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