Bradley J. Preston 1986

November 27, 2009

Artist: Bradley J. Preston
Release: 45 RPM Single
Year: 1986
Home: Chatham Ontario
Genre: Country vocalist

  Bradley cut this single in Nashville but still lived in Chatham at the time. He was travelling back and forth. 
  Preston has been working hard as a singer and has been entering several contests to help gain exposure and branch out musically. He has won many of them.
  The singer has been performing for many years and most recently with the Melody Ramblers. At this stage, Bradley is just starting to work his way on to the international scene but is keeping his day job until the time is right. There is no question that his hard work ethics and level head are the reason for the many good times ahead that he will encounter.

Side 1: A Thing About Trains (Ben Hewitt)
Side 2 If I Never Do Get Over You (Sure – Fire Music)

Produced by: Louis Wright

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  1. Hi I hope things are good for you.I think of you from time to time

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