Maple Shade (1977)

November 21, 2009

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Band: Maple Shade
Home: Chatham Ontario
Circa: 1977
Genre: Popular music of the time.

(Left to right)
Robbie Robertson – Vocals, keyboards
Doug Colletti – Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Tony Meriano – Vocals, Drums



One comment

  1. I remember Robbie Robertson playing in a band with my dad in the 70’s, and I’m pretty sure my mom gave him that cool hairstyle. My da is Ed Foy and my mom is Marlene Foy of Marlene’s hair styles for men back then. I’m trying to find pictures of them they both sang, and My dad played bass, and (sometimes tuba)They never usually played in the same band. My Mom sang with a piano player named Robbie Robertson also, but he was older than this Robbie. Any help would be appreciated.

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