Advanced Green (1983)

November 19, 2009


Band: Advanced Green
Release: two song 45 record.
Home: Chatham Ontario Canada
Year: 1983
Formed: 1983
Music: Covers and originals
Style: Rock

Jeff Parker (28) – Vocals, Guitar
Steve Fowler (29) – Guitar
Brent Hunter (30) – Bass
Pat Crone (28) – Drums

History :
• Pat & Brent were members of ‘The Force’ that would later name change to Manpower
• Jeff was the front man for ‘Hat Trick’ and his solo projects
• Steve is best known for his solo work, collaborations with major acts and performing in Quadrant

  The band made waves quickly, drawing attention for their song writing. They captured first place and the rock category for their song “Long Nights”. They also received an honorable mention for their song “Get to the Point”.


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