Fat Doug and the Sinners (1997)

November 17, 2009

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Band: Fat Doug and the Sinners
Genre: Blues Band
Home: Chatham Ontario
Year: 1997
Circa: 1997-2000
Format: 75% Covers, 25% Original Music

Vocals: Lionel Shadd
Guitar: Doug Dewitte
Guitar: Andy Tattersall
Bass: Dwayne Stephens
Drums: Scott Meriano

Note: Chatham’s hardest working blues band. A brilliant line-up of young and enthusiastic musicians who had that real love for music, like only Detroit (or its neighbouring towns… umm like Chatham) could enjoy.
  The band played steady in and around Chatham in a scene that was thriving with many venues to play. In Chatham alone, the Parkview, Blind Dog, Beatniks, The Nest, The Royal, GT’s, Chappies, and Eightball, were all home to Fat Doug and the Sinners. The bar scene was great in 1997 and this band held its ground with their own little twist of blues and extra talent per band capita. This particular line-up of the ‘Sinners’ ran from 1997-1999.
Side Note:  I just got to mention that when I turned 19 and began playing the bar scene, I did not own a proper guitar that could stay in tune for three sets a night. Doug was more than kind to let me borrow his guitar for shows around Ontario until I was able to afford one. I didn’t even really know Doug yet at the time. I think that is a special note to make about our music scene. Everyone did all they could to help out other bands. There was no real sign of competition. Many cities are cut throat, and Chatham was not like that. It meant allot to me then and I still see that community vibe lasting into 2009 as I write this. I can also say from meeting all the guys in this band, anyone of them would have done the same.
 S. Beaulieu.

Above picture taken in 1997 at the Festival of Nations (Kiwanis BandShell).



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  1. Sadly, Doug DeWitte passed away November 4, 2013

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