Leah Morise 2006

November 13, 2009

Artist:  Leah Morise
Release: Take Me Anywhere
Year: 2006
Genre: Folk, Jazz
Home Town:  Chatham-Kent
Resides: London (Area)

Notes: This is Leah’s debut CD. The former self-described “Chatham farm girl” – now Londoner -is far more likely to laugh than cry, and her music reflects this sensibility. You can hear this laughter and joy in many of her songs; just try to listen to the infamous “Panty Song” without giggling.

Leah has been performing in musical theatre and playing gigs around London and Southwestern Ontario. She’s performed on CHRW, Rogers and London’s New PL, as well as at the Home County Folk Festival.

01. Heart of Many Colours
02. The Panty Song
03. Teddy Bear
04. Peaceful River
05. Street Light Shining
06. Big Wide Strum
07. She’s a Gemini
08. Almost Halfway
09. Jean 2:42
10. You Wet My Whistle
11. Too Happy to Sing the Blues
12. Fruition
13. You Can Take Me Anywhere

Visit Leah here or here.
Preview or/and buy her new CD here.

* Watch the cd preview below.



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  1. Chatham’s Leah Morise – The Panty Song 2009 (Blues)

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