Home Grown (1983)

November 13, 2009

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Band: Home Grown
Year: 1983
Home: Chatham Ontario
Formed: Late 70’s, ran for 4-5 years.

(Top Row)
Clint Benoot – Pedal Steel, Guitar
Mark Buckwheat – Guitar, Vocals
Phil Hernandez – Bass, Vocals
(Bottom Row)
Gary Saunders – Guitar, Vocal
Tony Meriano – Drums

Notes: The band teamed up with Bothwell song writer Bonnie Kirschner Hind to record her song as a Terry Fox Tribute. 
   The song was released to radio stations across the country. 1000 rpm records were made.
               Outside of the band, Clint and Tony were also the faces every musician in town knew. They were both partners at Musical Strings ‘N’ Things, who opened their doors for business in 1972.


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