Quadrant band 1975

November 5, 2009

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Band: Quadrant
Year: 1975
Style: Rock
Home: Chatham Ontario

Steve Fowler – Guitar
Mark Tremblay – Keyboards
Bob Wilson – Bass
Rick Chrysler – Drums

  Quadrant was probably the most popular local band at this time and all that without any vocals. The band was a cast of brilliant musicians in an era where prog rock was coming to be championed.
 The cool story about this band is that they were being scoped out by the same management company as RUSH, who were on the verge of international success, but before anyone knew that Rush would ever achieve it. This music style was still new and the buzz around Quadrant was huge. The only problem with signing the band would be the fact that there is no vocalist. This creates a marketing block for the record labels who don’t know how to sell this creative music.

It is also worth noting that some of the bands original material sounds similar to what Rush would put out on their next record. It is true that Rush could have easily had Quadrant’s demo (passed to them by management) and took some thoughts from it.  It is best to leave that tidbit as a mystery, but the fact is Quadrant was an innovative and talented band from here. S. Beaulieu



  1. I grew up in Chatham back in the 70’s and Quadrant was the hottest band in the area. The players were soooo good, they didn’t need a singer. (Unfortunately few instrumental groups get commercial recognition without one.) I was fortunate enough to see them a few times.

    One moment, you’d think you were listening to Beck/Hammer live, the next they’d pull off some heavy jazzy/funk/fusion grooves of their own. It didn’t matter what they were playing, it was some of tightest playing you’d ever hear!

    If you ever saw them live, you should feel privileged.

    Willy Wlodarczyk
    Classic Rock, Q107 Radio

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