Helena Landon 1927

November 5, 2009

Miss Helena Landon 1927

Musician: Miss Helena Landon
Musical Position: harpist and soprano soloist.
Year: 1927
Home: Chatham Ontario Canada

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William R. Landon of Chatham Ontario

  Helena is documented as being one of the most outstanding musicians from Chatham and has travelled far and wide making a name for this city through her charm and abilities.

Recent work: Helena has performed in many places in the U.S.A. under the direction of the Orpheum circuit and the Publix Productions of New York City. She is currently in L.A. for the winter of 1927.

There is an article on Helena in the CDN Nov.9th 1927.
The above photo was printed in the same article noted.




One comment

  1. I was going through an old chest left behind by my parents with items and photos going back 4 generations.

    I came across an original photo exactly as shown here in this article and is signed by her on the lower right side of the front.

    To the best I can see it was signed in 1937.

    I have no idea who, why, or where this photo came from but my father was born that same year here in Toronto.

    If you’d like to see the photo or the autograph just let me know and I would gladly set up a way to send a picture of the pictue.

    Just email, call or text 416-553-9270

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