Junipur 1997

November 2, 2009

Band: Junipur
Release: self-titled
Year: 1997
Home: Chatham-Kent

Junipur, self-titled.  This recording was the first big deal for Spur of the Moment Records.  What can be said?  It is great and was recorded in only 5 hours!  There are hard rockers, poppy wonders, and even an offensive song regarding the circus.  If it wasn’t for these guys, where would Spur of the Moment Records be today?

nova scotia
02  empty
03  happy face
04  vw
05  circus song
06  bug
07  signature
08  sweet pain
09  coat
10  jay
11  spider b

  How did they meet? John and Adam were playing around, trying to get somethin started with a fellow named Jon Rose. After they called it quits, they stumbled into Matt Maillet, and soon after Matt introduced himself to Phil Dennis in the halls at school. The rest is history…… After performing at the Blenheim District High School Battle of the Bands in May of ’97, Junipur had secured a place in Spur of the Moments’ lineup. They played with Ben Srokosz’s former band Paisley, (leading to their eventual recording with him), as well as Apocalypse Revolver and local noise band Promise of Chaos. Junipur released their first self titled album, and immediately spread the word. They started playing shows in Chatham, at the CAW hall, and at UCC and CK High Schools. They played a great show with Sonic Unyon Records artists ‘The New Grand’ in Ridgetown, and made quite an impression at Groundstock in Wallaceburg. Soon after it was the Embassy in London, Ontario, and then Molson Sunfest, in summer of ’98, where they clearly controlled the crowd despite performances by a number of talented local artists.

  In July of 1999, Junipur played their final show in Thamesville, Ontario to a crowd of friends, family, and a few new and appreciative faces. The show was truly a culmination of their short lived career, featuring nearly every song the band has ever recorded. The event was video’d for a possible release but after watching the emotional show, Ben decided that the tape would instead be put away as it comes across more like a funeral than a celebration. The performance was powerful and memorable, but one can’t deny the looks on the bands’, and fans’ faces.  (Disbanned 1999)

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