Ben Srokosz – choose to decide

November 2, 2009


Artists: Ben Srokosz
Release: choose to decide
Home: Chatham-Kent
Year: 1999

  Ben’s third album brings change, expansion and experimentation to his music.  New song structures, better production, and a slightly different sound keeps things fresh and satisfying. 
  This is clearly a personal document; “choose to decide” comes in the wake of Touch Green’s break-up, reflecting the band’s influence on Ben’s new music. 
  Best of all, the sound of “choose to decide” is open to many possible directions.  Songs like “fog” and “good to know” tell us that Ben is moving into more uncharted territory and is taking more of the melodic side of his sound to the forefront.

  why so shy
02  a long way home
03  good to know
04  i’m so tired
05  this day is strange
06  over and under
07  words for june
08  summer
09  the garden
10  its all a matter of thinking
11  blame the names
12  sleep
13  fog
14  just a second
15  mountain skies

Visit online http://www.spurofthemoment.ca


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