Ben Srokosz 1997

November 2, 2009

Artists: Ben Srokosz
Release: self-titled
Home: Chatham-Kent
Year: 1997

Note: An unexpected release to say the least.  The self-titled debut has indie rock written all over it, with the music composed, recorded, produced, and released entirely by the artist.  An appreciation for this kind experimentation is important when giving the album a first listen.

  The fact is, Ben was not planning on releasing this material and was only documenting demos for possible band use.

  A little rough around the edges, Ben Srokosz was played for friends and family only to receive a mountain of friendly praise and encouragement.

So, slap a cover on it, dub a few copies on a tape deck, and you’ve got yourself the birth of Spur of the Moment Records. Years later Ben would discover how far the tape had travelled, receiving phone calls from CBC radio and other local press to find out what this record label was all about.

01  from the mind of…
02  expiration date
03  blinded
04  in between
05  fireworks & green stars
06  down by the shores
07  :33 seconds
08  night
09  i wander
10  beauty transcends
11  be true
12  send off

Visit Ben online here.


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