The Night Crew (1970)

August 24, 2009
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Band: The Night Crew
Year: Circa 1970
Home: Chatham, Kapuskasing, and Hamilton Ontario
Style: Hits of the time.

Members: Clockwise (L-R)
Walter – Bass, Accordion
 Mike Denkers– Drums, Vocals
Dan Beaulieu – Guitar, Vocals
Notes: A band put together for touring Quebec and Ontario.



  1. This picture shows Mike D., which is in fact Mike Denkers. He went on to be in many other bands until he moved to Edmonton in 1980. One of the bands he was in was the second New Trend Trio with Robbie Robertson and Ed Foy.

  2. I remember Mike Denkers coming to our house to reherse with my Dad and Robbie , as kids we thought this was Great!
    Do you have any pictures Terry?

  3. Worked with Mike Denkers in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. He talked of his drumming skills and taught my son his beginning beats. He had some skills and talked of playing with Robbie Robertson and Kim Mitchell. Mike was a great friend and I am sad that he is now gone. RIP Mike.

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