Shawn Daudlin CD (2009)

August 20, 2009


Artist: Shawn Daudlin

Release: Running On Empty
Year: 2009
Type: Pop
Born: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada
Resides: Toronto area.

Vocals: Shawn Daudlin
Keyboards: Alan Poaps
Guitar: Kim Ratcliffe, Dave Gray
Bass: Steve Lucas
Drums: Al Cross

01 Running On Empty
02.  My Heart Beats For You
03.  My Reflection In Your Eyes
04.  Call On Me
05.  Won’t Be Coming Back For More
06.  The Ghost Of You
07.  When All Is Said And Done (feat. Michele McErlean)
08.  Just After Midnight
09.  Good For You
10.  Another One Of Your Goodbyes
11.  One Day
12.  My Heart Can’t Tell You No
13.  Too High To Climb (feat. Toni Anderson)

Note from Shawn Daudlin:
Finally, my sophomore cd is released and boy, have I learned a lot.  Alan Poaps and I put a good deal of energy into the writing and producing of these songs.  This collection easily spans the last eight years of my life.  The ups and downs.  There were moments during this process that I truly felt like I was ‘Running On Empty’.  Still present are the high energy pop songs you’d expect to find from a Shawn Daudlin recording.  What’s new, I feel, is the heart put into some of the more serious ballads.  The overall theme is still the highs and lows of love.  Someone once said that you write what you know.  I’m not sure anyone really truly knows about love, but God do I try.  ‘Running On Empty’ has something for the youthful listener and for the more mature music lover.  There are hints of  Motown, an old school sound.  To me…this is still Great Music.  I hope the listener thinks so to.

Demo Kid (Shawn B) Note: I spent allot of time at Shawn’s house when I was a little kid since my father was in a band with his dad at the time. I don’t remember much from age 4-7, but I do know that watching them practice was my first time seeing a band. I remember clearly how vibrant his father was. He owned the room. He is a character like no other I have ever met in my life. I just found out today about Shawn’s music & theatre career and that I knew his dad. Very cool. Because of this, it does not surprise me one bit that Shawn has a passion for music and entertaining. He was born with it. Cheers Shawn.
* Watch the release preview below.


* Shawn’s website here.
* Download at iTunes here.
* Download release from CDBABY here.



  1. I can’t say how great it is to read these comments about my Dad, Rene Daudlin. Growing up and being so close to the many musicians that my Dad performed with was a huge influence on the direction my music career has taken.

    Dad and I are currently working on a duet album which will showcase the many original songs that he has written over the years.

    We also have to get another band that Rene Daudlin was a part of during the 70’s and then again in the 80’s on this site. The band was “Nostalgia”. Forgive me if I’ve missed it on this site. I don’t think I saw Nostalgia included. We recently lost one of the members and one of Chatham Kent’s finest guitar players Mike Labadie (“Horse” to those close to him).

    I’ll see if I can come up with some photos and more info on Nostalgia if your interested.

    Thanks for the mention. Much appreciated!

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