Dwane Stephens – Starts his own Bass Company. (2009)

August 17, 2009

Name: Dwane Stephens
Year: 2009
Home Town: Chatham Ontario Canada
Resides: Alberta Canada
Current Band: Ikons (Kiss Tribute Band)

   Dwane has left town years ago but is still a vibrant person in the music scene. He is currently playing ‘Gene Simmons’ in the Alberta based Kiss Tribute Band ‘Ikons’ but began playing here in Chatham in the legendary Aberdeen days. It was good to catch up with him by phone. Those of you who know him, here is what is up.

Dwane also builds his own bass guitars for his own company.

   Ward Bass began in 2005. After 20 years of involvement in music and playing numerous types and brands of basses, Dwane decided to design and build a custom bass on his own. After building his first bass, he decided to further his knowledge by taking a lutherie course with master builder Joe Kovacic of Lado Guitars in Lindsay Ontario.

   Now Dwane has designed and made numerous basses and guitars and offers a number of bass models as well as custom orders, based on customer specifications. All Ward basses come standard with EMG active or passive pickups, Aguilar preamps are available. Hardware and accessory options are endless on custom orders.

  Now located in Strathmore Alberta, Ward Bass has opened a new workshop ready to support local and international musicians.

The early days.
Some of the bands he has played for around Chatham include:
Mount Zion, Electric Voodoo, Robin Banks Band, Fat Doug and the Sinners, and Adam Minor of Sarnia.
He also played in a Pink Floyd tribute band and produced his own work under the name Carpedium.



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