Cassandra Vasik – Wildflowers (1991)

July 18, 2009


Artist: Cassandra Vasik
Also known as: Cassandra Leigh
Release: 1991 : Wildflowers
Record Label: Epic
Genre: Country / Pop
Home: Blenheim Ontario Canada

Cassandra Vasik is a Canadian country singer/songwriter from Blenheim, Ontario. Signed to Epic Records between 1990 and 2000, she released three studio albums for the label. In that same time span, she charted eleven singles on the Canadian country charts.

Winner of two Juno Awards.

01. Black Book
02. Burning Witches
03. Which Face Should I Put On Tonight
04. When Will I Become A Man
05. It Comes Back To You
06. Those Stars
07. Fading Footsteps
08. Painted Cafe
09. Wildflowers
10. I Walk Alone
11. Innocence
12. Talk About Me


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