The Shake – 2009

July 17, 2009


Band: The Shake
: 2009
Home: Windsor based
Chatham Connection: Chuck is from the Chatham area.
Cover Band: Rock, oldies, popular, country and dance.

What: This duo has the talent and energy to win over and delight even the most morbid party pooper! No one will escape the infectious “let’s party” atmosphere this group sets from the first minute they hit the stage.

Christina Stein (Fabischek) – Vocals
Chuck FitzGerald – Guitar, Vocal, tech.

About Chatham area guitarist Chuck:
  Raised on a farm outside of Chatham in the hamlet of “Eberts”. Chuck was lead to instrumental music at the age of 10 when he was exposed to playing the ukulele in music class. This was so cool, he thought, if I add a couple more strings … wha-la a guitar. From that day, Chuck longed to be the fastest guitar player in Eberts, a title he still retains.
   “The Shake” is a rewarding experience for Chuck. After many years of playing rock and pop music for the baby boomer generation, as well as hauling mountains of equipment … ah-h-h well, nothing has changed, the passion still lives.

Links: The Shake Band and Chuck on Myspace.



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