Branch 28 Pipe Band (2009)

July 3, 2009

Branch 28 Royal Canadian Legion Pipe Band
: Chatham, Ontario, Canada
Year: 2009

For over 60 years they have provided pipe music for the residents of Chatham-Kent  and beyond.
Photo from National Liberation Day Parade, Wageningen Holland, May 5 2008

Pipe Major: Jeff Campbell
Drum Major: Jack Lambe
Drum Sergeant: Joel Merilees

Current Band Members (as of 13 Mar 2009)
   Paul Arsenault, Stephen Arsenault, Cheyenne Bogaert, Travis Bogaert, Nathan Brown, Katie Burchiel, Jordan Butler, Tom Clark, Rick Dibbley, Brenda Everingham, Brent Flaglor, Miriam Ivison, John Johnston, Dan Jordan, Justin Steele, Sandy Keith, Russell Lambe, Steve Lambe, Dick Laurie, Ken MacEachern, Wayne McDermid, Karen Melton, David Meurkes, Jim Meurkes, Kathy Poole, Ken Poole, Sarah Rooke, Ron Stead, Drew Sydorko, Doug Vince, Jessie Vince, Dan Vinter, Bob Warren, Ethan Wilson,
Caulan Witherow, Joe Witherow



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