Brooke Nicholls – 2009

June 24, 2009

Artist: Brooke Nicholls
Home Town: Chatham Kent
Current Home: Toronto/Hamilton Ontario
Year: 2009
Genre: Pop / Soul

Official Bio
   Brooke Nicholls is a Singer/Song Writer/Performer who was born and raised in Chatham, Ontario. She is working on her debut album and her most recent tracks have expanded successfully into the R&B/Pop/Soul genre, showing a wider variety of her vocal ability and versatility.

Brooke’s live performances are highlighted by her captivating voice, piano playing, and deep emotion. The songs that she writes all come from the depths of her soul and bottom of her heart. If Brooke has seen it, felt it, experienced it, been moved or touched by it- then you can bet you’ll catch her singing about it! Nicholls sang the national anthem at the prestigious Canadian Rugby Association’s Churchill Cup between Canada and England, which was televised live nationally on The Score. The following November she opened for ”Q” from the Grammy winning recording artists “112″. Brooke was apart of The Canadian Tire Corporation Concert Tour in 2007, which enabled her to travel in Ontario and Alberta and perform on the same stage with one of Canada’s most successful recording groups Blue Rodeo. She also became a featured artist on the Canadian Tire promotional videos.

Brooke Nicholls is a small town girl with big dreams. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and is extremely passionate about her music and future. She finds much happiness and joy just sitting at her piano on late nights and just writing and singing whatever is on her heart. Her passion for music and her faith is what keeps Brooke on her feet. By continuing to pour her heart and soul into writing and singing, Nicholls is getting one step closer to living out her dream. Brooke continues to remain faithful through it all, knowing and believing that one day she will be doing what she loves the most. Music.




  1. HI Brooke,
    It’s your cousins Jana & Jamison. Wow, love your music, girl!! You’ve been working hard! Congratualtions on all your success up to this point. We know you will make it big in music! We will definitely see you at your concert in March!
    Take Care & Love you lots!!

    Jana & Jamison

    P.S.-Jami has been working on writing her own song, she’s loving piano.

  2. It is a good CD!

  3. hi there, can you please contact me at brooke@brookenicholls.ca
    – looking to get this taken down. Thank you!

    • We removed the external links to your previous works on this page. I believe that may have been your issue. I hope that helped. Best of luck in your new musical direction.

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