Demo Kid – Home Demos Volume 2 (2009)

June 22, 2009

Artist: Demo Kid
Release: Home Demos Volume 2
Release Date: July 2009
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada

Track List
1. Another Stupid Love Song
2. I Give It All
3. Be In Love
4. Our Little Secret
5.  Will You Forgive Me..
6. Last Day Of Summer
7. With Every Broken Promise
8. Never Let You Go

Shawn B.
– Drums, percussion, vocals, programming, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, keyboards, harmonica and piano, except where noted by a special guest.
Jesse V. – Lead Vocal on # 3,4,5,7.

Special Guests
Andy T. – Electric Jazz Guitar #3
Sarah H. – B. Vocal #5.
Larry . – Jazz Organ #5.

Notes: This is the follow up to the 24-song debut Home Demos Volume obe CD in 2007. This collection of home recordings includes influences from dance, pop, metal and rock.
These songs are not intended to be polished releases, they are simply home recordings to share with friends.

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  1. Great job guys! Awesome Song!! Love IT!!!!

  2. Very good music.
    I am impressed Shawn. I’ve always wanted to work in a recording engineering studio. Creating music is something that I’ve always been interested in and fascinated about.
    Please send me more if you have the time.
    Thanks, love
    your Aunt Anne.

  3. You guys are doing an awesom job with this record. Keep up the good work and may God Bless Each and Everyone of YOU!!!

  4. Real cool.

  5. Keep it up Shawn, good job. Say hi to the family for me and take care of yourself. Last day of summer is my fav, been listening since Foster Child. Big fan. later cuz

  6. just started to download them demo kid! way to put it down for chatham!! local talent at its best!!


  7. Hey man just downloaded the CD great stuff you should hit up a facebook page so we can know when your playing somewhere.

    • Thanks for checking it out Brad. Demo Kid is not a live band though. It is a home recording project that has been a passion hobby to share with friends. Glad you liked it. Cheers.

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