Ian And Sylvia – Four Strong Winds (1964)

May 31, 2009


Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: Four Strong Winds
Date: 1964
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.

1. Jesus Met the Woman at the Well   2. Tomorrow Is a Long Time   3. Katy Dear  4. Poor Lazarus  5. Four Strong Winds  6. Ella Speed  7. Long Lonesome Road  8. V’la L’Bon Vent  9. Royal Canal 10. Lady of Carlisle  11. Spanish Is a Loving Tongue  12. Greenwood Sidie, The (The Cruel Mother)  13. Every Night When the Sun Goes Down  14. Every Time I Feel the Spirit

Video of Ian and Sylvia Tyson jamming live with the Grateful Dead’s Jimmy Garcia.

If video does not appear, watch it here.

Listen or Buy it here or here.


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  1. Ian and Sylvia – 3 hits – Four Strong Winds

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