Sylvia Tyson – You Were On My Mind (1990)

May 30, 2009


Artist: Sylvia Tyson
Release: You Were On My Mind
Year: 1990
Born: In Chatham

Tracks: 1. Pepere’s Mill 2. Slow-Moving Heart 3. Rhythm of the Road 4. Walking on the Moon 5. Thrown to the Wolves 6. Night the Chinese Restaurant Burned Down, The 7. You Were on My Mind 8. Sleep on My Shoulder 9. Trucker’s Cafe 10. River Road 11. Last Call 12. Le Moulin a Pepere 13. Reprise 14. Blind Fiddler’s Waltz, The

   Sylvia Tyson was first nominated for a Juno Award in 1987 as Country Female Vocalist of the Year. She has not yet won a Juno award, despite seven nominations to date.
The Canadian Music Hall of Fame inducted Ian and Sylvia as a duo in 1992.
In 2003, Sylvia Tyson was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame.



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