Sylvia Tyson – Woman’s World (1975)

May 30, 2009

Artist: Sylvia Tyson
Release: Woman’s World (Capitol-EMI)
Date: 1975
Sylvia is from Chatham

   Tyson recorded two LPs for Capitol Records in the mid-1970s, Woman’s World & Cold Wind from the North.

   Sylvia Fricker, 19 September 1940, Chatham, Ontario, Canada. “I didn’t feel particularly bitter,” says Sylvia Tyson, looking back on the break-up of her marriage and musical partnership with Ian Tyson. “I wanted to get on with my own life and make sure that people knew what I did.” Produced by Ian, Sylvia’s debut solo album, Woman’s World, was regarded as a feminist album, but she comments, “It may have been a feminist album for its day, but it’s very tame in terms of what’s coming out now. The title song talks about having babies and keeping house.”

   Based in Toronto, Sylvia Tyson has continued to make her mark, often as a television host. In 1985, she was featured on the Canadian equivalent of Band Aid/Live Aid, singing the track “Tears Are Not Enough” by Northern Lights. With the help of Tom Russell she revived her musical career with You Were On My Mind. She chronicles small-town Canadian life in such songs as “The Night The Chinese…



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