Ian And Sylvia – Northern Journey (1965)

May 30, 2009


Ian & Sylvia Tyson
Release: Northern Journey
Date: 1965
Label: Vanguard Records
Sylvia is from Chatham

   1. You Were On My Mind 2:47
   2. Moonshine Can 2:16
   3. Jealous Lover , The 2:55
   4. Four Rode By 2:42
   5. Brave Wolfe 5:26
   6. Nova Scotia Farewell 2:51
   7. Someday Soon 2:21
   8. Little Beggarman 2:23
   9. Texas Rangers 3:27
 10. Ghost Lover, The 2:46
 11. Captain Woodstock’s Courtship 2:56
 12. Green Valley 4:03
 13. Swing Down, Chariot

The distinctively blended voices of Ian & Sylvia Tyson define the essence of the 1960’s folk music sound. These Juno Award Hall of Famers became popular in the United States at the start of the 60’s folk revival, paving the way for other Canadian performers at a time when there were limited recording opportunities for musicians in Canada.

One of the top acts of the folk scene, Ian & Sylvia helped boost the careers of Gordon Lightfoot and Joni Mitchell with their recordings of “Early Morning Rain,” “For Lovin’ Me,” and “The Circle Game,” and they introduced outstanding songs of their own, including Sylvia’s “You Were on My Mind” and Ian’s “Someday Soon” and “Four Strong Winds.”

Photographs of Sylvia playing autoharp while Ian plays guitar are among the most romantic evocations of the coffeehouse era.

“Their early Vanguard albums were an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary folksongs, sung with a purity and clarity that was unusual, even in the stripped-down days of folk music”–Mary Katherine Aldin (liner notes to Long Long Time). Nowhere is this more apparent than on their debut album Ian & Sylvia (1962).

It is a confident recording featuring mainly traditional material like “Old Blue,” “Mary Anne,” “Un Canadien Errant,” and “Rambler Gambler.” The sound is fresh and the voices are well balanced on this historically important and highly recommended recording. Still a winner after all these years.


  • Watch the Album preview below.



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