Billy Sinder And The Explosions (1982)

May 28, 2009

Band: Billy Sinder And The Explosions
What: Blues Brothers Tribute Band
Year: 1982 era
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada

Bill Malcom – Singer, Harmonica
Willy Darchuck – Lead Guitar
Ted Bushey – Rhythm Guitar
Mike Vandohogen – Upright Bass, Bass
(Cliff) Charles Partridge – Drums

   Billy Sinder And The Explosions could be seen live at the Royal Tavern And The Parkview.

Ted Bushy: The photo above was the first pro gig for Ted Bushey. Ted went on to become a songwriter for many Major label record companies, which worked well for his passion of being behind the scenes of making music.
   Ted also lived out West where he played live from time to time. He mainly pitches songs to Nashville artists these days and has become well known in the industry for his ability to write 100-200 songs a year for a long stretch.


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