Local Boy Ron Bechard (2009)

May 25, 2009

Hometown: Chatham-Kent Area   
Instrument: Guitar

When I was 14, I met Ron. He rented the warehouse jam room next door to ours (Foster Child). I would sneak over & watch him & Walt Perin jam for hours. These guys were my idols and soon after, Ron moved to Toronto to live it up. Not only for music, Ron moved to start his successful computer design career as well.

    Ron has a big history, He has played in Edwin’s band ( Original singer for I Mother Earth. He has sided many years in a great Ozzy tribute band Crazy Babies touring heavily.
Ron shares his time between Sin Dealer and Basia Lyjak, an incredibly sweet up n comer on the Toronto music scene.

   Exposure to the local scene led him to join Atomic Tomb (now Raw Dog). The band played extensively and gained a large local fan base after releasing their 1997 album, Easy Life in a Supertrench.

   In 2000, Ron was asked to audition for Edwin’s (formerly of I Mother Earth) band, in support of the platinum Another Spin Around The Sun record. The tour took him across Canada and even to Mexico, to play stadiums and festivals such as Edgefest, with the likes of Moist, Nickelback, Sum41 and Limblifter.

   2002 brought another round of cross-country touring with Edwin & the Pressure to support their self-titled album, whose first single, Superhoney, was featured in the film Ghost Ship.

   After years of touring, Ron returned to the Crazy Babies to record an album of original material. He also joined forces with long-time friend, Eric Kuthe, to play in Sea of Green. This partnership evolved into Sin Dealer, a band filled out by Jeff Zurba (Plasma Blast, Ashley MacIsaac) on drums and Frank Sargeant (Sons of Otis) on bass. Together, they released Sin Dealer in 2004, an album that fans and critics affectionately refer to as “13.”

   Over the years, Ron has often been enlisted to play with independent artists, such as Latin sensation, Rosita Stone and rock opera star, Patrizia. As house guitarist for Sonic Deli, Ron has recorded with both up-and-comers David Janes and Jennifer Bettencourt, and industry veteran, Sergio Galli of Platinum Blonde.

   This broad recording experience has allowed Ron to work with some of the industry’s top producers, like Terry Brown (Rush, Bee Gees, Led Zeppelin), Nick Blagona (Deep Purple), Peter Hudson and Rob Sanzo.

   2006 brought many projects for Ron, including gigs with Yurko (Nelly Furtado) – with whom he has opened for George Lynch and Bad Company – and Starkiller with “Killer” Ky Anto and Starboy of Robin Black, and Colin Snortland, who’s now on tour with another band Ron briefly played with, Three Days Grace.

   More recently, Sin Dealer has come back full force after an extended break with their sophomore album, Dying To Live, a full-length CD that showcases the evolution in his songwriting and producing skills. The critically acclaimed album has allowed them to share the stage with artists such as Prong, W.A.S.P., Joey Belladonna of Anthrax and Drowning Pool in the last months.

   He brings this long history of, and passion for, performing, writing and recording to Basia’s project, and the two have an undeniable chemistry when it comes to crafting
catchy songs with addictive hooks and licks. To see him play with Sin Dealer and Basia Lyjak live is to understand why this truly versatile guitar player is in such high demand!

Update August 20 2009
Ron has been playing live as the second guitarist for Crash Karma. Crash Karma is a new band made up of musicians from many successful Canadian bands. He did play Chatham’s Rock Stock this year with the band.
Update Oct. 2010
In Oct. 2010, Ron, 41, performed for roughly 3,000 Troops at the Kandadar Air Field in Afghanistan. He has been playing with Crash Karma for a year now.

Crash Karma Members.
Jeff Burrows
– Drums – The Tea Party
Mike Turner  – Guitar – Our Lady Peace (now owner of Pocket Studios)
Edwin – Vocals – I Mother Earth and Solo
Amir Epstein – Bass – Zygote

Crash Karma perform “Next Life”

If video does not appear, watch it here.

Listen to Ron in Sin Dealer here.
Listen to Ron in BASIA LYJAK here
Listen to Ron in Crazy Babies here.
Visit Ron on MySpace here.
Rons latest live shows with Crash Karma.


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