Noel Marentette – Gypsy Roads (2003)

May 18, 2009


Artist: Noel Marentette
Release: Gypsy Roads
Date: 2003
Style: Country

All songs written by Noel Marentette
Noel – Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Bob Hiltz – Bass & Electric Guitar
Quadrangle Folk Singers & Help from Albin Kristy

1. There’s a little gypsy in my soul
2. This bar at Erieau
3. Ride ride that train
4. You’re the first one
5. We’ll meet again
6. Guess I’ve learned a lot from playing guitar as a kid
7. When roses bloom again
8. My Tijuana rose
9. Dance Ballerina dance
10. Tonight Mama doesn’t have to cry
11. Don’t tell Maria I’m leaving


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