Tom Starks – Sugar Boy (2006)

May 17, 2009

Tom Starks
Release: Sugar Boy
Style: Jazz
Date: 2006

Home Town: Chatham
Resides and performs  in Aylmer as of 2001.

Recorded live at CBC Studios, Toronto On, Canada.

Tom Starks – Hammond organ
Don Durkee – Tenor Saxophone
Sharon Beeler – Vocals
Chris Norley – Guitar
Brian McHugh – Drums
Special Guest Andy Lusher – Tenor saxophone

Sugar boy blues, 2. Street of dreams, 3. There will never be another you, 4. Almost like being in love, 5. Cry me a river, 6. Recorda me, 7. God bless the child, 8. I can’t give you anything but love, 9. Just squeeze me, 10. Au privave, 11. Sugar

Recording & Mixing Engineer – Rich Starks
Mastered by Bob Hiltz at EyreSpace Studios, Chatham.
Graphic Design – Pat Crone

NOTE:  Tom began his professional career in 1972 as keyboardist with a show group touring Ontario and several Northern States. In 1974 he returned to his home town of Chatham and continued to perform with local artists while touring Southern Ontario. After 25 years of teaching, Tom and his wife Sonja moved to Aylmer where his main focus now is on jazz and a return to his first instrument, the Hammond B3 Organ. note by londonjazzsociety.ca


One comment

  1. Tom

    I had no idea you had a web site….How exciting!!!
    How are you? it’s been sooooooooooooooo long.
    Please reply!

    my other e-mail address is clapton_forever@hotmail.com but because I’m at work so much your better to contact me there.
    P.S. I’ve always been you’re biggest fan and I’m buying your CD!! Congratulations!
    It better be goooooooooood!

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