Legionnaires Disease Compilation CD (2008)

May 7, 2009


Compilation CD: Legionnaires Disease
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario
Release Date: 2008

Produced by: Bob Hiltz and Chris Wilkins
Executive Producers: Adam LeDrew and Jeff Goodreau
Recorded at various studios in and around Chatham Kent

   This is a good compilation for those who love the underground music scene like myself, but also enjoy the not so underground music too.
   This comp gives a fair presentation of what the Chatham music scene is like right now. It includes local legends, rock, ska, punk, acoustic and alternative bands.

Click on the video below to hear samples from all bands on this CD.

If above video does not appear, watch it here.

01. Davis Block – Taking Sh_ts –
02. The Burnouts – Get Away
03. Observatory – Her Majesties
04. The Long Lots – Devils Hands
05. The Grave Misunderstanding – Psycologie
06. Finding Core – Shirley
07. Aaron Allen And The Small City Saints
08. Stillframe – The Haunting
09. Leia Weaver – First Killing Floor
10. Sarah Hiltz – Amnesia
11. Prophet Limbo – Me And My Bones
12. The Peace Leeches – Donate
13 Watchtower – Love And Money
14. Underewater Solitaire – Little Blue Pill
15. Us And Omens – You Don’t Know
16. How Dare You – Bottom Feeder
17. Tom Lockwood Blues Band – Gimme Some
18. Southwest Blues Review – Death Letter
19. Ruthless C_unt Killers – Handicapped Hippies


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