Whatever – Whatever (1997)

May 6, 2009



Artist: Whatever
Home : Chatham Ontario Canada
CD Release : Whatever
Music Style : Progressive Rock
Date : 1997

Listen to the song Spineless Happy People online here.

Musicians :
Shawn Meriano – Vocals, Guitars, Piano
David Major – Drums, Vocals, Piano
J. Moskaluk – Guitars, Vocals, Piano
Mark Thompson – Bass, Vocals

The CD : This crazy ‘Mr. Bungle’ Style work of art was recorded at BY Studios from Aug.’96 to Aug’97.
To hear this CD, you would understand that  allot of work has went into it.
  This is not for the average listener, it is very busy & is purposely created to push the musical envelope.
    For this very fact, the CD went unnoticed for the most part locally,  but the band took the show on the road across Canada a few times. Doubling as a cover band to help pay the bills, the band was one of the first bands from here to actually hit the road hard & do it ! As the local scene began to explode in 1997 , the bands sound began to get noticed for their amazing musicianship and intense arrangements.

    Shawn was living out West, and Dave Major was jamming with a few bands around town. Electric Voodoo, and a rush tribute band.  Shawn and Dave used to play in Heartbreaker together….and they kept in touch , always bitching about the current music scene, and their personal disapproval. They joked that they should both quit their current bands and start together again, creating a totally free, experimental….anything goes band. Something you could do whatever you felt like doing. After 2 months of jokes, They both said f**k it, and Shawn moved home, and Immediately, they formed WHATEVER.
    Shawn is also one of the area’s recording engineers @ BY studios & has done sound & is doing live sound. His family has been a strong force in the cities musical history. 

Guitarist J. Moskaluk was also a guitarist in the Janet Theory and appears on their record released this same year (Studio Out-Takes 1997).  He also played in Foster Child (1995 self titled CD)
  Drummer Dave M. later joined the Janet Theory in 2001 and is on the J.Theory ‘Sacriluscious’ CD released in 2003.
  Shawn would go on to release a solo project entitled Sadie SuperNova. S. Beaulieu

Note :
The band also released a limited 5 song demo cassette recorded @ Barn Yard Studios.
Tracks included : Three Old Hens, Soft, Softly, The Master’s Reprise

Watch the video below.

If video does not appear, watch it here.


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