Square Root Of Margaret – Heard Music Playing (1999)

May 6, 2009


Artist: Square Root Of Margaret
Home: Chatham On
Release Title: Heard Music Playing
Genre: hippy-surf-zappa-acid rock
Date: 1999
Formed: Oct.1992
Disbanded: Oct. 2012.

The Demo: The guys are on a mission. This recording includes guitars, bass, farfisa, moog, organs, korg synths, maestro phaser, e-bow, tape manipulation, autoharp, banjo, violin, xylophone, drums and various percusion.

Track Listing.
(prologue), locals theme song, ghost of a man, haya seehja, love me, baby, truth about peep-hole, race car song, chocolate bar song
(the captains log), smiling faces, boldly scolding, universal radial song, type 14, crisis in space, a gentle surge, mothership landing, (EPILOGUE)

Click on video below to hear samples from the release.

If video does not appear, watch it here.


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