Square Root Of Margaret – Cloud Nine Revisited (2006)

May 6, 2009



Square Root Of Margaret
: Cloud Nine Revisited
Date : 2006
Home: Chatham
Download the CD at ITUNES here.

Song List:
1 The 3-D Breeze
2 Circuitry Knee
3 Disappearing Hands
4 I Don’t Know Why
5 Time Machine
6 Spiders & Flies
7 Cellophane Heart
8 Whispers Sometimes
9 Brain
10 Wow
11 Alien Frequency
12 (Theme From) Inter-connectedness
13 All the Moments

In the Spring of 2005, Square Root of Margaret came out of nowhere with a new recording titled “Levitation Days.” This CDep ended years of silence from the band, and any speculation in regards to where they were, and what they were doing…. Within weeks of it’s release, “Levitation Days” landed in the Top 50 Canadian College Radio charts with no press whatsoever! Across Canada, college radio was picking up on this psych-pop gem, and helping to re-introduce the music of Square Root of Margaret to happy ears everywhere! The band soon found themselves playing more and more live shows, working on new material, and staring directly into strobelights. They set about writing and recording a pop album for our time. 13 new songs about life, love, alien frequencies, and time travel.

…. I just wanted to add that this record, in my opinion, has some of the best gems put out from around here. The song “I Don’t Know Why” is a song that must be heard & will outlive the band for years to come. Find it and pass it on.

*Watch the CD preview video on youtube, click here.


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