Square Root Of Margaret – Casual Man-Slayer (1994)

May 6, 2009


Artist: Square Root Of Margaret
Home: Chatham
Release Title: Casual Man-Slayer  (Cassette Only)
Music Style: hippy-surf-acid rock
Released: 1994
Formed: Oct. 1992
Disbanded: Oct. 2012.

Bryan Cadotte – guitar, vocals
Dennis Reisner – Bass
Todd Clarke – Drums

Track Listing.
1. Angry Sex Meat
2. You’ll Never Get Out Of Your Diapers If You Don’t Stop Shiting
3. White Sox
4. Population Party for 2
5. Lusty Shadows

I love this band. Josh was my neighbor, Po played with me in my first band, & Dennis jammed on bass with us in the early days. All this happened before S.R.O.M. met.
S.R.O.M. were a cult in themselves and it was like the inner circle wished the world away. They remain to be one of the longest running bands from Chatham still in 2009 when this little edit was written.  These guys have plenty of hidden gems in their massive catalogue so it is worth poking through it,.

Listen to them here, here, or there.


  1. S.R.O.M.- First video they ever made. Pickeral Poo, Etc…

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