Square Root Of Margaret – BURST OF BREEDIN’ (CD)(1997)

May 6, 2009



Artist :  Square Root Of Margaret
Home : Chatham
Release Title : BURST OF BREEDIN’ (CD)
Music Style : Hippy/Surf/Acid Rock
Date : 1997

Musicians :
Bryan Caddotte (PO) – Vox, Guitars
Todd Clarke – Drums
Dennis Reisner – Bass
Track Listing.: White Sox, Oyster Pirates, Surfin With Nostradamus, And Ever, The Obvious Man, Little Green Bug, Whiskey and Wine, Spunk on a stick, The Picnic Occultist, Wednesdays On Jupiter

The Demo : another chaotic adventure from the underground. Another bizarre night at the Aberdeen, or Mr. B’s, the PARKVIEW.
   ‘Little Green Bug’ became a cult favorite & made SROM another major force in what was a banner year for local music.
 This CD is full of trippy tails & I recommend you scoop it up, or anything by anyone local this year 1997.
The Magic happens at the House Of Bleen, have you heard ?

If Video does not appear, view it here.

Select samples from the CD release below.

If video does not appear, watch it here.


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