Whaling (1994)

May 5, 2009


Artist : Whaling
Home : Chatham
Release Title : 3 Pieces
Music Style : Classic Guitar Rock (70’s Influenced)
Date : 1994    (no date on inlay, but I believe it was between 1992-94)

Musicians :
Ray Whaling – Lead Vocals, Guitars
Terry Allen – Drums, Backing Vocals
Dan Beaulieu – Bass, Backing Vocals

The Demo :
Recorded @ Rick Neufelds place on 8 track, Wallaceburg Ontario.
Whaling is a veteran of the local music scene & brings his music inspired by the guitar legends of the 70’s. This demo show cases these influences in a perfect way with Ray’s own twist of originality and unbelievable passion for playing.
 During this era (90’s) The whaling went through several line-up changes, the band played originals, did the tribute band to Guitar legends, did an amazing Neil Young, & even did solo 1 man acoustic shows in pubs through out the area.

Additional Musicians : Jeff Mifflin – Slide Guitar, Rick Neufeld – Percussion & harmony , Rick Murphy – Keys
Track Listing.
Side A : Reason Why, Empty Blue Box, Strange Attraction, Little Girl World
Side B : Change Of Times, Cryin Over You, Fools Game, Girl Next Door, Island



  1. I still have an old dubbed copy on cassette from ‘94..would LOVE to find a cleaner copy..✨

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