Mitch Robinson – Brother With A Record (2003)

May 5, 2009


Artist : Mitch Robinson
Release Title : Brother With A Record
Date : 2000 (no date on inlay)
Home : Chatham
Genre: Rock

Recording credits – Bob Hiltz,  Steve Eyres (Eyres Space Studio Chatham)
Rick Neufeld (Wallaceburg) Lorne Hounsel, Jimmy graham, Doug Eberlee

Mitch Robinson – Vocals, Guitars

This is a collection of Mitch’s material mainly, so the list is huge for additional players. here is a quick list
Drums – Spencer Eyres, Dave Major, Grayling Church, Rod reynolds, Brian McHugh, Steve Basiaco
Bass – Steve Eyres, Mitch, Dave Davidson, Ian Wilmore,  Andy Martin, Todd Taylor, Mark Irmler
Keyboards & Trumpet: Nick Novosad
Percussion: Mat Drew
Backing Vox:  Julie Ross, Mat Drew, Dave Major, Lionnel Shadd

The Scoop : Mitch brings us a full length demo of songs that is packed with performances from the cities finest musicians. Mitch was one of the most known musicians in the city throughout the 90’s, mainly from his ‘dead on’ tribute act to Jimmy Hendrix. 
   This demo showcases Mitch’s classic rock roots & love for the long jams which is a highlight for this record.

Track Listing.
1. Missus Know-It-All  2. Katherine’s Bush  3. Little Girl Blue  4. Rats & Suckers  5. T.V. Days  6. Midnight – Dusk to Dawn  7. In the Shadows with Mr. Johnson  8. Letter to a Woman  9. Mama’s Blues  10. Sunshine  11. Birth Of A Nation  12. T.Rex  13. Say Yer Prayers  14. Voulez, Voulez Vous & I Do Mean You  15. Star Spangled Banner (Live)

Listen Here


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