Michelle Wright – The Reasons Why (1994)

May 5, 2009


Artist: Michelle Wright
Release :
The Reasons Why  ( Arista/BMG )
Genre: Country music
Home: Originally from Merlin/Chatham-Kent.

The Scoop:
* This record went Platinum in Canada, She has toured extensively for the past 4 years in Canada, U.S. and Europe;
* Hon. Chairperson, Operation C.T. Scan St. Joseph’s Hosp. (Chatham, Ont.)
* 1993; Awards: Acad. of Country Music: Top New Female Vocalist 1992; Big Country Awards (RPM Mag.):
* Top Female Vocalist 1989, ’91, ’92, ’93, ’94, ’95,
* Artist of the Year 1991, ’93, Top Country Album 1993, Top Country Single 1993; Canadian Country Music Awards (CCMA): * Entertainer of the Year 1993, 1995; Female Vocalist of the Year 1990, ’91, ’92, ’93, Single of the Year 1991, ’92, ’93,
* Album of the Year 1991, Video of the Year 1992, ’93, Country Music Person of the Year 1992;
* Juno Award: Country Female Vocalist of the Year 1993; has had 2 TV specials;
* awarded Commemorative Medal for 125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada 1993; Nashville, Tenn. 37203.
* In 1994, came “The Reasons Why.” The opening single, “One Good Man,” only reached number 48. Arista decided to delay the album in hopes of creating some momentum.

Track Listing.
One Good Man  – Steve Bogard, Rick Giles
Safe in the Arms of Love –  Pat Bunch, Mary Ann Kennedy, Paam Rose
We’ve Tried Everything Else –  Bob DiPiero, Steve Seskin, Pam Tillis
Cold Kisses  – Chapin Hartford, Pam Tillis
The Reasons Why I’m Gone –  Chuck Cannon, Gary Loyd
Try Getting Over You – Paul Nelson, Craig Wiseman
Where Do We Go From Here  – Jill Colucci, Randy Sharp, Michelle Wright
Tell Me More  – Chuck Jones, Cactus Moser
The Wall – Steve Bogard, Rick Giles
The Old Song and Dance –  Laying Martime,Jr., Kent Robbins
* Watch the CD Preview below.



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