Michelle Wright – For Me It’s You (1996)

May 5, 2009


Artist: Michelle Wright
Release: For Me It’s You  ( BMG )
Genre: Country
Date:  July 1,1996 Canada August 27, 1996 US
Home: Originally from Merlin/Chatham

MusiciansSession Artists:    Raul Malo, Matt Rollings
Recording credits:  Producers Jim Scherer, Tim Dubois, Monty Powell, John Guess,Val Garay

Track Listing.
01 Nobody’s Girl – Gretchen Peters
02 The Answer Is Yes –  Rodney Crowell
03 We’ve Tried Everything Else – Bob DiPiero, Steve Seskin, Pam Tilliss
04 I’m Not Afraid  –  Debi Cochran, Jule Medders, Doug Pincock,Monty Powell, Anna Wilson
05 What Love Looks Like  – Christi Dannemiller, Lisa Drew, Michelle Wright
06 Crank My Tractor  –  Steven Dale Jones, Mark Narmore
07 You Owe Me  – Ronnie Samoset, Craig Wiseman
08 For Me Its You  –  Trev Bruce, Marilyn Martin, Thom McIugh
09 Laid Back Stone Cold  – Jackson Leap
10 As Good As It Gets  –  Chuck Jones, Rafe VanHoy
11 Love Has No Pride  –  Eric Kaz, Libby Titus

  • Watch the CD preview below.




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  1. Michelle Wright – 1996 – Nobody’s Girl

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