Lesser Known – Circle The Drain (2001)

May 4, 2009


Artist: Lesser Known
Home: Tilbury
Release: Circle The Drain (EP)
Genre : Metal
Year: 2001

Mike Davidson (Spaz)– Vocals
Cory Chauvin – Guitars
Paul Turgeon – Drums
Roger Beaudry – Bass

The Scoop :
Lesser Known is one of the area’s first & longest running metal bands. This 3 song demo is brilliantly put together. The band gives %110 on making the deal look good, including the cover art, packaging, Posters, flyers, zinnes etc.
A few years ago, they did tamper with the rap/metal as a trial & error, but, what you will find here is a very defined sound straight to the punch… the Lesser Known Zone.

Track Listing.
1. Circle The Drain 2. Back Away 3. Don’t Resist

Listen here :  http://radio3.cbc.ca/bands/LESSER-KNOWN

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