Gridlock – 2 inches from the floor (1999)

May 4, 2009


Artist : Gridlock                                            Home : Chatham
 Release : 2 inches from the floor          Music Style : Rock
Date : 1999

Musicians :
Dave Richie – Guitar, Vocals
Adam Kubica – Drums
Peter Tiahur – Bass
(additional percussion by Jeff Mifflin)
Produced by Jeff Mifflin & Dave Richie
Recorded @ JLM Studios in Merlin Ontario

The Demo :
Gridlock began back in December of 1997.
   The band made their first demo in March of 1998 which consisted of a cover of Creed’s “My Own Prison” and their first original “Killers of You.” In the summer of 1998, the band entered the studio to record more songs with Jeff Mifflin. They first recorded “Fall” and “When You Go Away” and then returned again in the fall to record “Dead”, “Killers of You”, and “Everything I Need”.
       With the 5 songs completed, gridlock was considering what to do with the material. In early 1999, the band decided to release the material in CD form, but first, returned to the studio to record “Arrid”. During this time, Dave recorded a song on his own, playing all of the instruments. The song…”You Never Did”. gridlock decided to add this song on to the CD as well.   In August, the CD was finally released under the title “two inches from the floor.”

   Dave would later go on to join the Janet Theory for the Sacriluscious CD era & Dead Girls Union.

Track Listing.
1. Fall, 2. When You Go Away, 3. Dead, 4. Arrid, 5. Killers Of You, 6. Everything I need, 7. You Never Did


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