Edwin & The Pressure (1999)

May 4, 2009


Artist : Edwin & The Pressure
Home : Toronto
Chatham Connection : Local Merlin boy ‘Ron Bechard’ was hired on as a guitarist for  live tours across Canada right after this record was finished. Sony Major Label artist now, Edwin was the original singer of  I Mother Earth. At that time, they were the biggest Canadian band going.
    This record was a huge success spawning 4 hit singles before being released in the states a year later.

Release Title :  ‘Another Spin Around The Sun’
Music Style : Modern Rock
Date : 1999

Musicians :
Edwin – vocals
Mike K – guitar
Ron Bechard – guitar  ( Merlin/Chatham)
Kenny Cunningham – bass
Sekou Lumumba – drums

The Scoop :  Established in Toronto, but hailing from the rural Ontario town of Chatham, we bring you Ron Bechard (bay-shard) – guitarist, backing vocalist and now contributing writer for “Edwin”.

   Being deep into the Toronto music scene, Ron found himself in a few local hard-core bands such as The Crazy babies, and Atomic Tomb – who actually have a full-length cd that one can get ahold of if they search hard enough. His main musical influences include those of the metal/hardcore vain, and his style of playing shows this comparison.

   Other past professions that Ron has endured comprise of a suit and tie job as a stock broker for a powerful Canadian company, and also he was head of the Y2K bug prevention program in T.O. In addition to these jobs, he attended college for media/web design.

   In early 2000, Ron was asked to replace current guitarist Chris Sczesniak and started extensive touring with the rest of the band in March of that year. Since then he has created his own fan-base due to his musical creativity, style, and good personality.

   Of  late, you’ll find Ron writing for the new Edwin album. One can bet on this being heavier than its predecessor, ASATS, due to Ron’s considerable involvement.

Recording credits – Columbia / Sony

Track Listing 1. Theories 11, 2. Trippin’, 3. Hang Ten, 4. And You, 5. Screaming Kings, 6. Shotgun 7. Alive, 8. Rush, 9. Amazing, 10. Take Me Anywhere, 11. Better Than This, 12. Another Drink



  1. Merlins Ron Bechard is guitarist for Edwin and The Pressure – Superhoney 2002

  2. Ron Bechard plays guitar for Edwin. Song Trippin’ 2000’s.

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