Crooked – Intimidate (1997)

May 3, 2009

Artist: Crooked
Home : Chatham Ontario Canada
CD Release : Intimidate   (cassette only)
Music Style : Metal
Date : 1997



Musicians : (no last names on cassette inlay)
Mike – Bass & vocals
Derek – Guitar
Dave – Drums
Casey – Vocals

The CD : Another one recorded by Steve Eyres. This was the newest band to join forces with Chathams underground movement which was at it’s peek. Sharing the stages with local ‘on the verge’ bands, Never, Janet Theory, Nerve & Square Root Of Margaret. Such halls as the C.A.W. could easily pack 700 people to see all these bands.
    The demo was a good first effort, exploring a first crack at the doomy metal sounds, & it opened the doors for them. The band would soon split up as the members move on to find permanent homes. Mike Dow moves on to play Bass for Nerve (2003) & Casey Barry resides with ‘Ego Seed’ from here on…but… Casey changes roles & becomes the drummer.
   The demo also features : Back Up vocals from Cailean Lenover & Jesse Verleye


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